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The Last Last

Sharing. Finally! The relief of ‘getting' seriously troubling stuff sorted out and resolved and realising that even things that try and test us almost to the limit, also present surprising opportunities for better understandings of ourselves and others. And the sorting may be something that happens by itself. And however it happens or doesn’t happen, the are many mindful moments to be had along the way in each moment. Some of them may even help us to build on our confidence and personal/family relationships, allowing freshly discovered glimpses into other people’s lives and ways different than our own. Allowing threats and anticipated difficulties to melt away. Broadening and calming the mind and allowing situations to open up and flourish in areas we never expected them to or could even have dreamed of.  Allowing the mind to be mindful. Knowing and not knowing. Holding your feelings with a light touch.  Exploring the emotions and telling yourself and others mindfully, how you really feel and noticing how this can shift understandings and facilitate much appreciated communication…. and changes. Seeing mindfully that we don’t have all the answers and that we can let go of many things until the answers begin to unfold or the problems dissolve. Or there are no answers. You receive a really thoughtful, interesting and absorbing piece of writing from a friend and begin to notice how you are reading it and see how each time you read it, it takes on different textures, colours and meanings and…. there seem to be subtle changes in the air. Does it agree totally with your own World view? Where are the differences? Why does this matter? Do you notice the jumping to conclusions? How and when should you respond? Do you read it once or many times? Do you highlight especially meaningful bits? Do you let it be whatever it will be…. noticing all the things the mind will add? Do you breathe? Are you breathing now? And that writing is brilliant because in three words that leap out in wonderment at you, ‘The last last', it reminds you that there are so many last lasts. Each moment that passes is a last last. It’s on offer, never to be repeated! Even the clock that strikes the hour and the half hour here tonight never sounds exactly the same ever, every time it strikes! Each sound announces its unique presence if you listen mindfully. Whenever we are aware, every moment in Life is there, unfolding, existing and passing uniquely, to be noticed…. when we’re fully alive and available to all the senses. There is so much to be aware of. Even now if we pause to listen mindfully.  And of course naturally one day, one of our last lasts will be a last laugh. Make sure you show up for that one! Receiving something in writing is a blessing because we can take time inwardly to digest it all and we don’t need to overreact or blurt anything out. We can be safe with it.  And when we write and send something to someone in response or unprompted, we can be equally mindful. We are sending something of ourselves. Is it our best self? With all good intentions, it’s a risky business and it can have unintended consequences. It’s a brave thing to do ~ to write and send or give anything in writing to someone. What do we want to say, to get? How will what we say be understood and taken? Is what we say going to make things better or worse, or have no effect? Are there some things best left unsaid? We can always leave them to one side for the time being and wait for a different moment should the moment arise. Can we say thank you and really mean it without it just being an automatic reflex, like the I love you's we cast around? Genuine appreciation? All of the above and more…. when we have time.  There is time. Time to reflect and consider. Explain, reassure. Time to be. Time to appreciate. One another. And so much happens that is unexpected, unpredictable and…. so we might say, untimely. The tiny piece of metal that drops accidentally into a seemingly robust electric motor that makes it totally inoperable, impossible to use or function any more, until you can find a way to safely locate and remove the object. Maybe it can be fixed, maybe not. Can we be mindful of that and with a smile let it go? It could prove to be a very expensive mishap. Is this learning the hard way? Learning from what happens is often described as 'learning the hard way', but really…. isn’t it all just learning?! And relearning…. over and over and over.  Experiencing directly.  Being alive to life. Whatever happens that we expect or want or don’t expect or want, let’s be there for every last last. Cheers, have a day (sic)!

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